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As Time Goes By (1999)

Bryan Ferry

as time goes by

Track Listing

  1. As Time Goes By
  2. The Way You Look Tonight
  3. Easy Living
  4. I'm In The Mood For Love
  5. Where Or When
  6. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
  7. Sweet And Lovely
  8. Miss Otis Regrets
  9. Time On My Hands
  10. Lover Come Back To Me
  11. Falling In Love Again
  12. Love Me Or Leave Me
  13. You Do Something To Me
  14. Just One Of Those Things
  15. September Song

BPI Silver Certification Bryan Ferry's As Time Goes By, released on the 25th of October 1999, was awarded Silver Certification by The British Phonograph Industry (BPI) on the 19th of November 1999, indicating sales in the United Kingdom exceeding 60,000 units.

The album received Gold Certification, indicating sales in the United Kingdom in excess of 100,000 units on the 7th of January 2000.

Writing Credits

"As Time Goes By" (Hupfeld), "The Way You Look Tonight" (Fields/Kern), "Easy Living", (Robin/Rainger), "I'm In The Mood For Love" (Wilmott/MacHugh/Fields), "Where Or When" (Rogers/Hart), "When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful" (Woods/Dunn), "Sweet And Lovely" (Arnheim/Tobias/Lamare), "Miss Otis Regrets" (Porter), "Time On My Hands (Adamson/Gordon/Youmans/Connelly), "Lover Come Back To Me" (Romberg/Hammerstein), "Falling In Love Again" (Hollander/Connelly), "Love Me Or Leave Me" (Kahn/Donaldson), "You Do Something To Me" (Porter), "Just One Of Those Things" (Porter), "September Song" (Anderson/Weill)

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Bryan Ferry voice/synth
Colin Good piano/harmonium
John Sutton drums
Enrico Tomasso trumpet
Alan Barnes alto sax/clarinet
Malcolm Earle Smith trombone
Robert Fowler tenor sax/clarinet
Jim Tomlinson alto sax/clarinet
Nils Solberg guitar
Richard Jeffries bass
Chris Laurence bass
Hugh Webb harp
Gavyn Wright violin
Dave Woodcock violin
Phil Dukes viola
Anthony Pleeth cello
Cynthia Millar ondes martinot
Phil Manzanera guitar
Jose Libertella bandoneon
Luis Stazo bandoneon
Abraham Leborovich violin
Andy Newmark drums
Frank Ricotti percussion
James Sanger programming
Alice Retif poem
Paul Clarvis drums
Tobias Tak tap
Bob Hunt trombone
Boguslav Kostecki violin
Peter Lale viola
Wilf Gibson violin
Nicholas Bucknall clarinet
Timothy Lines clarinet
David White clarinet
Anthony Pike bass clarinet
Martin Wheatley banjo
The Oxford Girls Choir voices


Recorded At Lansdowne Studios, London
Produced By Bryan Ferry, Rhett Davies
Consultant Dr Simon Puxley
Musical Director Colin Good
Engineer Mark Tucker
Assistant Steve Pelluet
Additional Engineering Sven Taits, Chris Dibble
Associate Producer Robin Trower
Arrangements Colin Good, Bryan Ferry
Art Direction Nicholas De Ville, Bryan Ferry
Artwork Bogdan Zarkowski
Photography Mike Owen
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