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Bête Noire (1987)

Bryan Ferry

BĂȘte Noire

Track Listing

1 Limbo
2 Kiss and Tell
3 New Town
4 Day For Night
5 Zamba
6 The Right Stuff
7 Seven Deadly Sins
8 The Name Of The Game
9 Bête Noire

10 The Right Stuff (12" Mix)*
11 Kiss and Tell (Dance Mix)*
12 Limbo (Latin Mix)*
13 Bête Noire (Instrumental)*

* These tracks only appeared on the Australian Tour version of this album

BPI Silver Certification Bryan Ferry's Bête Noire, released on the 2nd of November 1987, was awarded Silver Certification by The British Phonograph Industry (BPI) on the 27th of October 1987, indicating pre-sales in the United Kingdom exceeding 60,000 units.

The album received Gold Certification, indicating sales in the United Kingdom in excess of 100,000 units on the 4th of November 1987.

Writing Credits

All tracks written by Ferry/Leonard except "Kiss and Tell" and "New Town" (Ferry), "The Right Stuff" (Ferry/Marr), and "Seven Deadly Sins" (Ferry/Kamen/Pratt)

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Bryan Ferry, Mario Abramovich, Tawatha Agee, Michael Blum, Stuart Breed, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michelle Cobbs, Paulinho da Costa, Diamond Art, Rhett Davies, Simon Draper, Yannick Etienne, Siedah Garrett, David Gilmour, Hilton Sound, Neil Hubbard, Dan Huff, Paul Jarvis, Paul Johnson, Chester Kamen, Abraham Laboriel, Patrick Leonard, Jose Libertella, Julie Losch, Brian Loucks, Jimmy Maelen, Johnny Marr, Marcus Miller, Andy Newmark, Courtney Pine, Guy Pratt, Andrew Reid, John Robinson, Bill Ruppert, Albert Sanchez, Skyline, Luis Stazo, Alistair Thain, Fonzi Thornton, Michael Verdick, Lenny Waronker, David Williams.


Recorded At Compass Point, Nassau, Marcadet, Paris, Mireval, Var, Guillaume Tell, Paris
Produced By Bryan Ferry, Patrick Leonard, Chester Kamen
Engineered By Steve Jackson, Kevin Killen, Ian Eales
Executive Producer Simon Puxley
Directed By Bryan Ferry
Mixed By Alan Meyerson,, Bruce Lampcov
Mastered By Bob Ludwig
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