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Let's Stick Together (1976)

Bryan Ferry

let's stick together

Track Listing

1 Let's Stick Together
2 Casanova
3 Sea Breezes
4 Shame, Shame, Shame
5 2HB
6 The Price Of Love
7 Chance Meeting
8 It's Only Love
9 You Go To My Head
10 Re-Make/Re-Model
11 Heart On My Sleeve

Writing Credits

All tracks written by Bryan Ferry except "Let's Stick Together" (Harrison), "Shame, Shame, Shame" (Reed), "The Price Of Love" (Don and Phil Everly), "It's Only Love" (Lennon/McCartney), "You Go To My Head" (Gillespie/Coots), "Heart On My Sleeve" (Gallaher/Lyle)

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Bryan Ferry voice, keyboards, harmonica
Chris Spedding guitar
Paul Thompson drums
John Wetton bass
Chris Mercer tenor sax
Mel Collins soprano sax
Martin Drover trumpet
Eddie Jobson violin, synthesizer
Morris Pert percussion
John Gustafson bass
Rick Wills bass
John Porter bass
Phil Manzanera guitar
David O'List guitar
Neil Hubbard guitar
Ann Odell string arrangements
Chorus Jacquie Sullivan, Helen Chappelle, Paddie McHugh, Doreen Chanter, Vicky Brown, Martha Walker


Recorded At Air Studios and Island Studios, London, 1973-76
Produced By Bryan Ferry, Chris Thomas
Engineered By John Punter, Steve Nye
Assisted By Nigel Walker, Jon Walls
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