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Canny Aad Sunderland (2002)
Various Artists

Canny aad SunderlandTrack Listing

1. Canny Aad Sunderland - Thomas Allen
Hendon Banks - Canticle
2. Click 'Em And Catch 'Em -Denis Weatherley
3. Died Of Love -Sheila Armstrong
4. The Frolicsome Women Of Sunderland -Mike Elliott
5. Sunderland Oak -Johnny Handle
6. My Sunderland Lad - Claire Rutter & Graeme Danby
7. Jack Crawford -The Hush with Bob Fox
8. Is There Owt Secure? - Graeme Danby
9. The Collier's Rant - Thomas Allen
10. The Conductress - Johnny Handle
11. The Pitmen's Union - Thomas Allen
12. The Blackleg Song - Dave Stewart
13. The Ship Is All Laden - Graeme Danby
14. The Lambton Worm - Bryan Ferry

About This Release

Bryan Ferry's version of The Lambton Worm' which appeared on 'From Tees To Tyne' also is part of the epic Northumbria Anthology 50 CD box set. The song appears on the CD 'Canny Aad Sunderland', an anthology of songs from the Sunderland area.
This CD is not available individually.

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