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From Tees To Tyne - The Northumbria Anthology (2002)
Various Artists

Rendez-vousTrack Listing

1 The Lambton Worm - Bryan Ferry
2 The Ballad Of George Washington - Graeme Danby
3 Jack Crawford - The Hush with Bob Fox
4 Ye Nivver Come - Anne-Marie Owens
5 Wor Nanny's A Mazer - Billy Fane
6 Lucy Gray Of Allendale - Canticle
7 We Went Alang A Bit Further - Benny Graham
8 Somebody Stole Me Bottle - Graeme Danby & Tim Healy
9 Wor Geordie's Lost His Liggy - Brian Johnson
10 Cleveland Steel - Ron Angel


1 My Sunderland Lad - Claire Rutter & Graeme Danby
2 The Socialist ABC - David Clelland MP
3 Tally I O The Grinder - The Hush with Ray Stubbs
4 Cushie Butterfield - Thomas Allen
5 The Blackleg Song - Dave Stewart
6 The Howty Towty Lass - Ian Storey
7 Marshall Riley's Army - Lindisfarne
8 Blow The Wind Southerly - Sheila Armstrong
9 The Valley Of Tees - Vin Garbutt
10 Saint Cuthbert Oratorio (extract) - Various Artists
About This Release

This is a compilation album of renowned artists from the North East of England recording their favorite regional folk songs in a contemporary style. Hailing from Washington, County Durham, Bryan Ferry has chosen the classic tale, The Lambton Worm'.

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