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R. Stevie Moore

Unpopular Singer Vol 4

another time, another place

Track Listing

1. Welcome
2. Who Gives a Fuck?
3. What You Got New?
4. Love Is Not for Girls and Boys
5. Stacy McGrath
6. I Still Want It
7. Cease All Relationships
8. Daddy Don't
9. Beyond Capacity
10. I'll Try Anything
11. Eenque Pen
12. Hi'n'loathsome
13. All Apologies
14. Okay?
15. Krystyna Enough
16. Senator Suicide
17. Hasty Banana
18. Handbook
19. Thieves in the Choir
20. No News Is Good News
21. Who'd He End the Blowjobs For?
22. Telly Advert
23. Good Job at Home
24. Just Like Me
25. Could I Be the Man for You?
26. Improcappella
27. By Way of Contrast
28. 2HB
29. Nicotine Need
30. Alma Mater
31. Getting My Heart Back
32. Reminder
33. Fundraiser
34. Chance
35. My Life Could Be Better Without You

About This Release

...a dreamy lo-fi take on Roxy Music's "2HB"... All Music Guide

The son of a top Nashville session bassist, R. Stevie Moore began doing his own one-man home recordings in the early '70s. Over the course of years spent perfecting his technical and conceptual skills, Moore's individualistic, wry pop and musique concrete excursions have developed into an awesome '" and seemingly bottomless '" world of talent just waiting to be unleashed on the masses. In recent years, Moore (now living in New Jersey) has self-released dozens of cassettes of his work via mail order.

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