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Dancing Fantasy


avalon - m people

Track Listing

1. Wordwide
2. East-West
3. Birdland
4. Hang Loose
5. Deja Vu
6. Vibrations
7. Carioca Groove
8. Massai Mara
9. Down Under
10. Nippon Nights
11. Indian Charme
12. Moskva
13. Can't Move Mountains
14. Avalon

About This Release

The Dancing Fantasy team of Curtis McLaw and Chris Williams take us around the world in sixty minutes with their latest collaboration Worldwide. While their purpose was to reflect the flow of music around the world, this recording does not contain authentic folk music or so-called "world music," but rather their interpretation of the spirit and energy of the various countries, their cultures and people. Incorporating ethnic sound samples, Dancing Fantasy delivers an exciting, stylistic hybrid that intuitively combines traditional musical styles with their own groove-laced, fresh and energetic sound.

This 1993 German release was sponsored by the delivery group DHL. The vocal on Avalon is by Bill Flynn.

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