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Avalon (Hiljaisuus)

Harri Marstio

From Sametinpehmeä Yö

another time, another place

Track Listing

1. Sametinpehmeä Yö
2. Muisto Vain Jää
3. Pullo Viiniä Käy
4. Hiljaisuus (Avalon)
5. Kertokaa Se Hänelle
6. La Paloma
7. Luonnostaan
8. Kärsimysten Hotelli
9. Kuu
10. Maailma On Minun

About This Release

This version of Avalon is sung entirely in Finnish and was released by Harry Marstio on his album 'Sametinpehmeä Yö' in 1991. I don't have a picture of the album cover, but Harri is pictured above.

I'm grateful to Ari Niskanen for bringing this to my attention.

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