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Ian McShane

From Both Sides Now CD

another time, another place

Track Listing

1. Avalon
2. Fool (if you think it's over)
3. This guy's in love with you
4. I'd really love to see you tonight
5. From both sides now
6. I don't mind
7. I'm not in love
8. I could have been a sailor
9. Drive
10. Every breath you take
11. Reason to believe
12. Little in love
13. Shadow of your smile

About This Release

Ian McShane is a actor best known to British audiences for his portrayal of rogue antiques dealer Lovejoy in the series of that name, and to Americans for his appearance as Don Lockwood in the later episodes of Dallas, and as the aptly-named Al Swearengen in the HBO series Deadwood.

In 1992 he produced an album called 'From Both Sides Now' from which the single Avalon was released.

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