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Do The Strand
Private Lines EP (Jagjaguar JAG49)

another time, another placeTrack Listing

1. Avalon
2. Elvism
3. Flesh & Bleed
4. Twelve Miles High
5. Milk & Honey
6. Bring Trance Back (To Las Vegas) [Blue Hotel]
7. The Jealous Guy From Memphis
8. Love Is The Drug [Paris Texas]
9. Do The Strand
10. Swiss Made

About This Release

Music by Jörg Burger & Mike Ink. Track 9 is allegedly a cover version of Do The Strand.

"Quite distanced from the legion of echo-chamber drumkick records in Mike Ink's catalogue, Las Vegas presents a series of languid trance numbers that reprise the deep-sea dub of his Studio 1 recordings but without the straightahead four-four beats. Obviously, Jörg Burger must deserve much of the credit for Las Vegas, from highlight tracks "Flesh & Bleed," "Milk & Honey" and "Elvism" to the entire Roxy Music connections inherent in just about every song title on the record. If you buy just one Mike Ink record (alternately: if you can find just one Mike Ink record...), it had better be this one." - John Bush, All Music Guide

Also available on three 12" - "[Las Vegas] Pt. 1", "[Las Vegas] Pt. 2" and "Bring trance back to Las Vegas"

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