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Don't Stop The Dance
Masha Qrella
A Number Of Small Things a.n.o.s.t.013 Vinyl 7"

Don't Stop The Dance - Jet Set Inc.Track Listing

A. Don't Stop The Dance

Saturday Night

About This Release

A 2006 release in Germany.

Masha Qrella"In a parallel universe this would be exactly the kind of perfect pop music you'd hear blaring out of every commercial radio station across the country...actually, that parallel universe seems to exist, pretty much every radio station in Berlin has had this playlisted for several weeks...and you wonder why seemingly every other musician listed on these pages has moved there in the last few years? Anyway, back to this diamond 7", what we have here is one of the most overlooked and genius guitar bands of the last few years reworking Bryan Ferry's classic "Don't Stop The Dance" (you know, totally brilliant 1985 track, same era as "Slave to Love") - turning what was one of those trademark swoonsome Ferry numbers (drenched in 80's excess, over-production and the faint whiff of cocaine hovering in the middle distance) into 4 minutes of moving, joyful guitar-pop par excellence. Masha Qrella have always seemed to posess one of the most sophisticated and complex songwriting skills in indie-rock, this cover version also clearly illustrates that they are master-arrangers, a band in posession of a pop instinct that quite honestly raises the hairs on the back of my neck with what seems like unabridged effortlessnes. One of the catchiest, most inspired, feel-good records you'll buy this year - an essential purchase." - Boomkat Music
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