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Going Strong
Roger Daltrey
Parting Can Be Painless

Going Strong - Roger DaltreyTrack Listing

1. Walking In My Sleep
2. Parting Should Be Painless
3. Is There Anybody Out There?
4. Would A Stranger Do?
5. Going Strong
6. Looking For You
7. Somebody Told Me
8. One Day
9. How Does The Cold Wind Cry
10. Don't Wait On The Stairs

About This Release

In 1983 Bryan gave the song 'Going Strong' to The Who's Roger Daltrey for his solo album 'Parting Should Be Painless'. The song came from Bryan Ferry's 'The Bride Stripped Bare' sessions in 1977 and there is a finished but unreleased version of this song in the Ferry archives that might appear one day. By coincidence, both Chris Spedding and Alan Schwartzberg, who was one of the drummers on 'Flesh and Blood', played on the Daltrey album.

For many years, Parting Should Be Painless was unavailable on CD, however in 2004 it was released via Wounded Bird Records, a CD-only reissue label.
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