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The Greatest (1998)

Bryan Ferry

bryan ferry the collection

Track Listing

1 The 'In' Crowd
2 You Go To My Head
3 This Is Tomorrow
4 Sign Of The Times
5 Slave To Love (12" Remix)
6 Don't Stop The Dance (Special 12" Remix)
7 Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Full Version)
8 The Right Stuff (Single Mix)
9 Kiss And Tell (Dance Mix)
10 Limbo (Latin Mix)
11 Let's Stick Together (Westside '88 Remix)
12 The Price Of Love (The R&B '89 Remix)
13 I Put A Spell On You
14 Your Painted Smile
15 Don't Stop The Dance
16 Slave To Love
17 Tokyo Joe (TV Edit)

Writing Credits

All tracks written by Bryan Ferry except "The 'In' Crowd" (Page), "You Go To My Head" (Gillespie/Coots), "Don't Stop The Dance" (Ferry/Davies), "The Right Stuff" (Ferry/Marr), "Let's Stick Together" (Harrison), "The Price Of Love" (Don & Phil Everly), "I Put A Spell On You" (Hawkins) and "Don't Stop The Dance" (Ferry/Davies)

Where Can I Buy The Greatest by Bryan Ferry?

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An interesting and eclectic compilation of material released only in Japan in 1998, which includes tracks rarely found on CD. This limited-edition released featured a specially embossed case.

No longer officially available, these occasionally appear on eBay, or resources like Gemm, Netsounds or Musicstack.
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