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Slave To Love - The Best of the Ballads (2000)
Bryan Ferry

bryan ferry japan dj promoTrack Listing

1 Slave To Love
2 Jealous Guy
3 This Love
4 More Than This
5 Falling In Love Again
6 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
7 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
8 Oh Yeah
9 Is Your Love Strong Enough?
10 Tokyo Joe
11 These Foolish Things
12 Crazy Love
13 Sonnet 18
14 Avalon
15 Where Or When
16 To Turn You On
17 Windswept
18 My Only Love

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The UK version of Slave To Love - The Best of the Ballads had an altered track-listing from the original Swedish release with the addition of the previously-unreleased This Love, Where Or When, These Foolish Things and Sonnet 18
at the expense of I'm In The Mood for Love, Just Like You, Your Painted Smile and He'll Have To Go.

The Japanese version of the album had a further amendment, replacing Zamba with Tokyo Joe.
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