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Les Petits Câlins (1998)

Various Artists

Les Petits Calins

Track Listing

Side A

1. This Is Tomorrow - Bryan Ferry
2. Fightin' Wingmills - Golden Earring
3. Casanova - Bryan Ferry
4. If There Is Something - Roxy Music
5. Sea Breezes - Bryan Ferry

Side B

1. Neon Acarlate - Martin Dune
2. In Your Mind - Bryan Ferry
3. Love Me Madly Again - Bryan Ferry
4. Chance Meeting - Roxy Music

5 Kill Me - Golden Earring
6. Let's Stick Together - Bryan Ferry

About This Release

This super-rare soundtrack from the French comedy film 'Les Petits Calins' (The Little Wheedlers) features a number of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music tracks.

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