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The Roxy Music Remix Album

Monitoring Forthcoming Releases

Updated 23rd November 2009

The Roxy Music Remix Album

It would appear that we are unlikely to see these tracks released as an 'album'. Instead, they have all been released digitally, and further releases may ensue.

Updated 23rd April 2007

According to the press release for the third in the Remix series, a downloadable version of the album will be made available 'later this year'. The release will consolidate the three single releases, with the addition of a remix of Avalon by Lindstrom.

In the meantime, Virgin Records' Dance Department have issued two 12" singles in small quantities (believed to be 500 on vinyl and also on CD in even smaller numbers). Additionally a third 7" single of remixes (also on CD in limited numbers) has now been released.

Although ostensibly these are promotional releases for the benefit of DJs, some of these items have made their way onto the mainstream market. It would appear that Virgin are testing the waters for a full release by this 'viral' marketing approach.

In addition to those tracks already-released or promised, the following tracks are believed to be available to the project:

Love Is The Drug - Fetisch Terranova
In Every Dream Home A Heartache - Fetisch Terranova
Avalon - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix
Pyjamarama - David Gilmour Girls
Editions of You - Peaches
Love Is The Drug (DJs Are Not Rockstars Remix) - Princess Superstar

These artists are also believed to have submitted further tracks for consideration:

DJ Hell
Roxyrama's Guestbook