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Roxy Music

Roxy Music

(1972) Debut Album

roxy music ASIN: B0000256KG

Track Listing

  1. Re-Make/Re-Model

  2. Ladytron

  3. If There Is Something

  4. Virginia Plain*

  5. 2HB

  6. The Bob (Medley)

  7. Chance Meeting

  8. Would You Believe?

  9. Sea Breezes

  10. Bitters End

All Songs Written By Bryan Ferry © 1972

* Virginia Plain did not appear on the original release of Roxy Music's eponymous debut but has been included on many subsequent CD and vinyl re-releases

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Bryan Ferry voice, piano
Eno synth, tapes
Graham Simpson* bass
Paul Thompson drums
Andrew Mackay oboe, sax
Phil Manzanera guitar
*Rik Kenton was quoted as bass player on later pressings of this album following Simpson's departure, but only played on Virginia Plain.



Cover Concept Bryan Ferry
Art Nicholas De Ville
Photography Karl Stoecker
Clothes, Makeup and Hair Antony Price
Model Kari-Ann


Recorded At Command Studios
Producer Pete Sinfield
Engineer Andy Hendiksen
Songs Bryan Ferry
Arrangements Roxy Music
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