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A Small Good Thing -

The Pink and Purple World of Dishonesty


Soleilmoon SOL00045 CD

a small good thing - the pink and purple world of dishonesty

Track Listing

1 up
2. peep show eccentriques
3. flyblown on 15th
4. Skelton Lift Service
5. Needled
6. Between Florrs
7. Intermission (Dud Speaks)
8. Re-arranged Face
9. Dyseptic & Blue
10. Foyerism
11. In Walked Dud
12. The Square Root of Lonely
13. Shafted
14. A Twist of Lemon
15. Headshrunk
16. Ostrichism
17. Top of the World
18. Bryan Ferry

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Loopy dance-meister Andrew Hulme produced this 1995 album which included as a denouement , one minute and eight seconds of merriment entitled 'Bryan Ferry'

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