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Love Is The Drug

Klone UK Clone 73

love is the drug

Track Listing

1. All I Want Is You
2. Angel Eyes
3. Avalon
4. Both End Burning
5. Dance Away
6. Slave To Love
7. The 'In' Crowd
8. Jealous Guy
9. Let's Stick Together
10. Love Is The Drug
11. More Than This
12. Oh Yeah
13. The Price Of Love
14. Pyjamarama
15. Same Old Scene
16. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
17. Street Life
18. Tokyo Joe

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Exploitative UK 'Tribute' album. Moderately good packaging, but poorly produced content. The CD contains low-rent versions of the classic songs, while a certain interpretive license has been applied to the lyrics by the 'singer'.

Amusingly the rear cover carries the legend: 'These recordings are intended as a tribute to the named artist and should not be confused with the named artist's original material.'

Rest assured guys, they won't be...
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