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Roxy Feeling

(17th Dec 07)
Chaim and James Blonde
Cat No: MBF 12038 Format: 12"
My Best Friend records

Chaim and James Blonde - Roxy Feeling

Track Listing

A. Roxy Feeling
B1. Crack (Original)
B2. Crack (Pelle Buys Rmx)

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This 3 track release claims to be a tribute to Roxy Music. I confess, I don't hear that myself...

Here's the press release:

"James Blonde the person behind Guy Gerber, Chaim and Guy J is not only a person with a great sense of music but has been a musician himself for quite some time. He started making music in the 80's with wave bands in Tel Aviv and moved to Los Angeles as lead singer and guitar player for Grunge bands.

In the end of the glam days of LA he played notorious clubs such as `Whisky A Go Go` and `Roxy` on the sunset Strip. After a visit to Tel Aviv for the millennium party and seeing what the great club scene Tel Aviv had to offer those days, he turned onto electronic music and started to manage Tel Aviv's 'Vox' club. At this time he got to know Chaim who was resident DJ at the 'Vox' club.

Soon after they started to produce together and found their project "James Blonde Experience". Following Chaim's solo 12" "Carolin" on MBF we are now proud to release their debut 12" "Roxy Feeling" on MBF.

The whole record is a tribute to 'Roxy Music'. You can sense it but not locate it! The title track "Roxy Feeling" is hypnotic with sequencers creating a super, seemingly effortless groove and swelling strings marking a gateway into the subconscious. This dubbed out cool 'disco track' is sensual and at the same time sustains the cool. It has a really great and deep emotional feeling to it and is timeless in it's stripped down arrangement.

On the flip side there are two mixes of "Crack". The first and original mix comes by Chaim & James Blonde. It is in a sense more of a traditional 'song', since it depends stronger on melodies, driving synths and vocoder voices. The track conveys a vision which is beautifully blurred or as looked through a milky glass window.

Melodies are heavenly and ghostly, voices are coming from the distance... this is definitely the counterpart to their a-side. A more minimal remix of "Crack" follows by Pele Buys from Hamburg, known also through his Einsmusik project! His mix is straight rocking stripped down German techno-house!"
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