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Take Refuge In Pleasure

Various Artists (2009)

Burning Sky Records

Take Refuge In Pleasure

Track Listing

1 Re-make/Re-model by NOMAD 67
2 Ladytron by Carlo Senna
3 Virginia Plain by Ken Morrison
4 Pyjamarama by Sartre's Lobster
5 Do The Strand by The Drowners
6 Mother Of Pearl by Lostdog in Loveland
7 Out Of The Blue by Weekend Wars
8 She Sells by Matt Harris and Ian Moore
9 Angel Eyes by Electric Newton Overdrive
10 Same Old Scene by Cokeroque
11 To Turn You On by Amelia Ray

Bonus Tracks - Roxy Progeny Revisited

12 Needles In The Camel's Eye by The Wolfmen
13 Baby's On Fire by Tommi Zender
14 Slave To Love by The Evening Dolls
15 War Brides by Out of the Blue

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This is the 1 CD version of Alan Heaton and Steve Turnidge of Burning Sky Records epic cover version project.

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