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Take Refuge In Pleasure - Deluxe and Delightful

Various Artists (2009)

Burning Sky Records

Take Refuge In Pleasure

Track Listing

Disc One: Early Roxy Music

1 Re-make/Re-model by NOMAD 67
2 Ladytron by Carlo Senna
3 Do The Strand by The Drowners
4 Pyjamarama by Sartre's Lobster
5 Editions Of You by Alone Together
6 Chance Meeting by TuBiLaH DoG
7 If There Is Something by cryptic scenery
8 2HB by The Calculus Affair
9 The Bob (Medley) by Re-Make
10 Virginia Plain by Ken Morrison
11 The Bogus Man by thunderjack
12 In Every Dreamhome A Heartache by Slinkyredfoot

Disc 2: Later Roxy Music

1 Just Like You by The Brigadier
2 Mother Of Pearl by Lostdog in Loveland
3 A Song For Europe by Lair Scott
4 Out Of The Blue by Weekend Wars
5 If It Takes All Night by Barry Holdship Four
6 The Thrill Of It All by Roxy Horse
7 A Really Good Time by Beyond Veronica
8 End Of The Line by The Headliners
9 Nightingale by Mike Dees
10 She Sells by Matt Harris and Ian Moore
11 Manifesto by Catwalk
12 Trash by Steven Wright-Mark
13 Angel Eyes by Electric Newton Overdrive
14 Same Old Scene by Cokeroque
15 To Turn You On by Amelia Ray
16 More Than This by Goldapples

Disc 3: Roxy Progeny

1 Needles In The Camel's Eye by The Wolfmen
2 King's Lead Hat by Pop Archeology Transmission
3 Baby's On Fire by Tommi Zender
4 Slave To Love by The Evening Dolls
5 Spider And I by Alain Pire
6 Skill And Sweat by Jazz in 6ths
7 Blank Frank by Heavy Friends
8 Law And Order by Whooping Cough
9 Taking Tiger Mountain by Stars in Coma
10 Cindy Tells Me by Ex Norwegian
11 War Brides by Out of the Blue
12 I Thought by Barry de Foyle
13 Frontera by The Strawberry Thieves
14 Driving Me Backwards by Velvet Condom

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This is the 3 CD 'Deluxe and Delightful' version of Alan Heaton and Steve Turnidge of Burning Sky Records' epic cover version project.

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