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The Madness

The Madness(1988)

the madness

Track Listing

1. Nail Down The Days
2. What's That
3. I Pronounce You
4. Oh
5. In Wonder
6. Song In Red
7. Nightmare Nightmare
8. Thunder And Lightning
9. Beat The Bride
10. Gabriel's Horn
11. Eleventh Hour (CD only)
12. Be Good Boy (CD only)
13. Flashings (CD only)
14. 4BF (CD only)

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Madness were a highly successful UK chart band during the early 1980's. In 1988 they reformed as 'The Madness' to make an album of the same name. The 14th and final track on the CD version was written by saxophone player Lee Thompson (who lists Re-Make/Re-Model as one of his favourite records) and was named 4BF. This was a play on words with the song title 2HB, the Ferry song about Humphrey Bogart, and was written as a tribute to Bryan Ferry. 4BF - For Bryan Ferry - geddit? It was also released on a rare 4-track single called 'I Pronounce You' in both 7" and 12" varieties.
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