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Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music Chronology


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Jan 1980 Ferry, Mackay and Manzanera, with a cabal of session players including former Kokomo guitar player Neil Hubbard, record a new album in London. To be entitled "Flesh and Blood" the album contains two cover versions "In the Midnight Hour" and "Eight Miles High" the first in Roxy's career. The choice is seen as an attempt to appeal to American radio tastes.
May 1980 A single, "Over You" reaches number 5 in the UK.
28 Jun 1980 Flesh and Blood reaches UK number 1 for one week as the group commence an extensive 60 date European tour. Hubbard, Carrack and Tibbs appear, and Andy Newmark deputises for Paul Thompson who has broken his thumb in a motorcycle accident on the eve of the tour.
14 Jul 1980 Ferry collapses in his hotel room in Port Barcares in southwest France. He is flown by charter plane to London the following day with a kidney infection.
23 Jul 1980 With Ferry recovered, Roxy resume their tour at the Conference Centre in Brighton
Aug 1980 New single "Oh Yeah (On the Radio)" reaches UK number 5, whilst Flesh and Blood returns to UK number one for three weeks, and makes US number 35. Over You becomes the band's third and final Hot 100 entry reaching number 80.
Nov 1980 "The Same Old Scene" a third single from Flesh and Blood still reaches UK number 12
Dec 1980 Mackay and Manzanera, under the guise of "The Players" release an album entitled "Christmas" on the US indie label Rykodisc. Manzanera and Wetton are behind a single "Giddy Up/A Christmas Dream" credited as the Dumbells.

back to the top1981
Jan 1981 Following the tragic murder of John Lennon the previous month, Roxy Music pause their Australian tour to record Lennon's "Jealous Guy" as a tribute.
14 Mar 1981 Jealous Guy reaches number one in the UK chart for the first of two weeks, Roxy's only UK single to reach the top spot.

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Mar 1982 Manzanera's "Primitive Guitars" is released on E.G. Records.
Apr 1982 Andy Mackay publishes an authoritative book called "Electronic Music" he has written whilst Roxy have been dormant.
Apr 1982 Following a lengthy recording hiatus the band return to activity with a single "More Than This" which reaches number 6 in the UK charts.
May 1982 An eighth and ultimately final studio album "Avalon" is released. Ferry, Mackay and Manzanera feature, supplemented by sessioneers. It spends three weeks at the summit of the UK charts.
26 Jun 1982 Ferry finally relinquishes his bachelor status when he marries Lucy Helmore in Sussex, England. Lucy appears on the cover of Avalon.
Jul 1982 The album's title track reaches number 13 in the UK chart.
Aug 1982 The album Avalon reaches number 53 in the US, as a European tour commences.
23 Sep 1982 A six date UK tour begins at Wembley Stadium in London.
Oct 1982 The third single from Avalon, "Take A Chance With Me" reaches UK number 26.

back to the top1983
Mar 1983 A mini-album entitles "Musique/The High Road" recorded in Glasgow is released and reaches UK number 26. A home video of a concert recorded in Frejus, France is released under the same title.
May 1983 The High Road makes US number 67 as the group tour North America for the last time. Following their return to the UK after the final gig in Philadelphia on May 28th, the group effectively breaks up with each member turning to solo projects. It is believed that personality differences were a root cause of the break-up.
Nov 1983 A compilation album, "The Atlantic Years 1983 1980" referring to the groups US distributor. It reaches number 23 in the UK charts.

back to the top1984
1984 Following Roxy's demise, Ferry renounces touring ,and states that in future he will be essentially a studio artist, working with session players. During the year Ferry's father Frederick who has been a great influence on his life, and who has lived on Ferry's Sussex estate for the previous eight years, dies. Ferry dedicates his next album to his father's memory.
c1984 According to legend, writer/producer Keith Forsey offers Ferry a new song called "Don't You (Forget About Me) which he declines as he is busy with his own material. In an ironic twist, Simple Minds later record the song and achieve number 1 status in the US, a market Ferry has been unable to crack.

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May 1985 Ferry releases a single 'Slave To Love' which reaches No. 10 in the UK charts
Jun 1985 'Boys and Girls', Ferry's first solo album for six years is released. It reaches No1 in the UK charts
Jun 1985 Mackay and Manzanera, having formed "The Explorers" the previous year with Ferry-like vocalist James Wraith release their eponymous first album.
13 Jul 1985 Ferry appears at Wembley Stadium, London, England at the Live Aid concert for Ethiopia. His set comprises Sensation, Boys and Girls, Slave To Love and Jealous Guy. His band includes guitarists Chester Kamen and Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour.
Aug 1985 "Boys and Girls," released on the Warner Brothers label, reaches number 65 in the US
Sep 1985 "Don't Stop The Dance" reaches number 21 in the UK singles chart
Dec 1985 "Windswept" the third single from Boys and Girls reaches number 46 in the UK. Ferry has stated that he considers this to be his greatest piece.

back to the top1986
Early 1986 "Is Your Love Strong Enough," a song originally developed as "Circles" during the Roxy Music "Avalon" sessions, is recorded in six weeks to feature on the soundtrack of Ridley Scott's movie "Legend" The soundtrack album will later reach number 96 in the US charts.
Apr 1986 "Is Your Love Strong Enough" is released as a single and reaches number 22 in the UK
26 Apr 1986 Following heavy TV promotion, double compilation album "Street Life 20 Great Hits" tops the UK charts for the first of five weeks and earns a platinum disc during its 77 week chart run. It contains Roxy and solo Ferry material.

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Oct 1987 Following another lengthy spell in the studio, Ferry's first new material in two years is a single "The Right Stuff" developed from the song "Money Changes Everything" an obscure instrumental b-side by influential Manchester band "The Smiths." Smiths Guitarist Johnny Marr co-wrote and played on the track, which reaches number 37 in the UK chart.
14 Nov 1987 Ferry's new album "Bête Noire" co-produced by Madonna collaborator Pat Leonard, reaches a disappointing number 9 in the UK charts. Released in the US on the Reprise label in reaches a respectable number 63.
5 Dec 1987 Ferry and Marr perform storming performances of "The Right Stuff" and "Kiss and Tell" on influential NBC-TV comedy show "Saturday Night Live" introduced by Danny De Vito.

back to the top1988
Feb 1988 "Kiss and Tell" reaches number 41 in the UK
Apr 1988 Following its appearance in the movie "Bright Lights, Big City" "Kiss and Tell" reaches number 31 in the US, the only Ferry release to perform better in the States than on home turf.
Jun 1988 A Mackay and Manzanera collaboration album "Crack The Whip" is released.
Oct 1988 As a prelude to a new compilation release, a remixed "Let's Stick Together" available in two versions is released and reaches number 12 in the UK charts. It is said that Ferry is unhappy at this re-release.
Nov 1988 A second TV promoted compilation "The Ultimate Collection" again containing a mixture of Roxy and Ferry solo material is released and hits UK number 6.

back to the top1989
16 Jan 1989 Ferry plays the first of four nights at Wembley Arena as part of the Bête Noire tour, his first proper live outing in over five years.
Feb 1989 Another remixed classic "The Price Of Love" is reissued and reaches number 49 in the UK. Noticeably neither "Let's Stick Together" or "The Price Of Love" are performed live during his current tour.
22 Apr 1989 A further release from the archives "He'll Have To Go," the old Jim Reeves classic, is released and reaches UK number 63. This recording originated during the "Bride" sessions in 1987, and was finished with members of the Passions in 1981.
Aug 1989 The compilation "Street Life - 20 Great Hits" reaches number 100 in the US charts.
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