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Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music Chronology


1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999

back to the top1990
Mar 1990 A Bryan Ferry performance video entitled "New Town - Bryan Ferry in Europe" is released in the US. It was recorded during the Bête Noire tour.
Sept 1990 A Roxy Music live set entitled "Heart Still Beating," recorded on the 27th of August 1982 in Frejus, France is released. A live single "Love Is The Drug/Editions of You/Do The Strand" is also released
Nov 1990 Manzanera and Mackay release a self titled second album on Manzanera's Expression label.

back to the top1991
c 1990/1 During this time Ferry embarks on his latest solo studio album, which he names "Horoscope." Problems of finance, the uncommerciality of the material and Ferry studio indulgence plague the project which is dubbed "Horror-scope" Finally the ex-Procul Harem guitarist Robin Trower is engaged as co-producer to curb Ferry's perfectionist excesses and get the project back on track.

back to the top1992
c 1992 Plagued by self doubt about the Horoscope project, Ferry is advised by Trower and supposedly by wife Lucy to return to his record collection for inspiration. Shelving the Horoscope material, he begins work on an album of cover versions, his first since Another Time, Another Place in 1974.
6 Jun 1992 Ferry takes part in the "Earth Pledge Concert" on the Great Lawn of Central Park New York.
11 Aug 1992 The "Honeymoon In Vegas" movie soundtrack, to which Ferry has contributed the track "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" is released.
2 Dec 1992 Avalon is certified Platinum by the RIAA

back to the top1993
13 Mar 1993 Ferry reappears with a cover version of Screaming Jay Hawkins "I Put A Spell On You," a prelude to his forthcoming cover-version (Ferry prefers the terms "ready-made" or "interpretation") album entitled "Taxi." The single reaches number 18 in the UK charts.
3 Apr 1993 In a welcome return to form the soul-inflected "Taxi" receives critical acclaim and commercial success, reaching number 2 in the UK album chart. Ferry uncharacteristically supports the album's release with a round of TV appearances.
30 Apr 1993 Ferry, with Trower in his band, guests on NBC-TV's Tonight Show with host Jay Leno. They perform "I Put A Spell On You"
1 May 1993 "Taxi" reaches its highest US chart position of number 79.
24 May 1993 Ferry appears on UK TV show "The Beat"
5 Jun 1993 A revival of The Shirelles' "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" reaches number 23 in the UK.
11 Sept 1993 Taxi's third single, the Elvis classic "Girl Of My Best Friend" peaks in the UK at number 57

back to the top1994
17 Sept 1994 Ferry and Trower, having returned to the Horoscope material to salvage what they can, re-record some of the material, add new songs and release the resulting "Mamouna" Brian Eno appears on the album, his first liaison with Ferry for 21 years which sparks rumours of a possible Roxy reunion. The album peaks at number 11 in the Uk charts.
8 Oct 1994 In the USA, "Mamouna" peaks at its chart entry of number 94
29 Oct 1994 Mamouna's first single, the delicate "Your Painted Smile" spends a single week on the UK chart at number 52
Nov 1994 Ferry tours the United States in support of Mamouna
24 Nov 1994 Ferry guests on "Late Night With Letterman" in the United States
Jan 1995 Ferry begins his tour of Britain and the European continent

back to the top1995
11 Feb 1995 The single Mamouna reaches number 57 in the UK chart.
Mar 1995 Ferry's tour continues through Australia, the Far East, South America and a return to the United States
May 1995 Virgin Records release a 2-CD compilation of Manzanera's work "The Manzanera Collection"
4 Nov 1995 A new compilation entitled "More Than This - The Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music" reaches number 15 in the UK.
Nov 1995 A smartly-packaged 4 CD box-set Roxy Music retrospective, entitled "The Thrill Of It All" is released, including a CD of b-sides and rare material

back to the top1996
c 1996 Much of the year is dedicated to the recording of new material with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. This project has the working title 'Alphaville' This work has yet to be released fully, although This Love, Sonnet 18 and Mother of Pearl have all subsequently appeared on various compilations.
27 Apr 1996 A version of "Love Is The Drug" remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss is released and reaches number 33 in the UK chart, Roxy Music's first chart entry for over thirteen years.

back to the top1997
c 1997 Ferry spends most of the year on continuing his solo projects. These include a writing partnership with Chris Difford of Squeeze, and work with Robin Rimbaud and Brian Eno. This material has yet to be released.

back to the top1998
24 Mar 1998 Having been virtually dormant as a live act for three years Ferry makes a live appearance at "Michael Kamen's Opus" at New York's Carnegie Hall.
2 Oct 1998 The British Phonograph Institute certifies platinum status on "More Than This - The Best Of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music"

back to the top1999
02 Jul 1999 Ferry appears at the Meltdown Festival held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, performing two folk songs 'The Butcher Boy' and 'John Harding'
Sep 1999 Bryan Ferry releases his 10th solo album 'As Time Goes By' which is a collection of standards from the 1920's and 30's lovingly recreated in period style. This album was the result of a year-long project, Ferry having left his existing solo work as he did with Horoscope. He terms this: 'turning the canvases to the wall' - returning to finish it at a later date, in the fashion of famous artists.
9 Oct 1999 Ferry appears at another high-profile event - the Net Aid concert from Geneva in Switzerland. This event is broadcast worldwide.
Oct 1999 Ferry appears as a guest on Jools Holland's Later TV show, performing two songs.
2 Nov 1999 The As Time Goes By tour begins with the first gig of the 13 date American leg in Washington DC.
6 Dec 1999 Ferry and his band record a concert at Golders Green Hippodrome in London for broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in the UK
10 Dec 1999 The British leg of the As Time Goes By Tour commences.
11 Dec 1999 Ferry and his band fly to Oslo in Norway to appear in the Nobel Prize Concert, which is recorded for TV broadcast.
30 Dec 1999 Ferry makes a high-profile appearance on UK TV as a guest on Jools Holland's Hootenanny show, performing four songs.
31 Dec 1999 Ferry spends the eve of the Millennium performing at a special concert in Greenwich, London. Phil Manzanera appears live with him for the first time in over sixteen years.
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