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Roxyrama Bootleg Archive

A Collection Of Unofficial Releases

Almost without exception bootleg and pirate discs are inferior to their legal alternatives. This archive indicates those products that have been released for historical perpective, and should not be seen as endorsing or encouraging their use in any way. Do not write to ask where these products can be located, as we will not reply.

Bootlegs and pirate discs are illegal and deprive artists of their rightful income.

Vinyl Bootlegs

These vinyl bootlegs were produced mainly during the 1970s & 1980s, and usually in short production runs of 500 or 1000. Quality is variable, but there is some interest in these discs as artifacts. I believe that this is as complete an archive as possible, as I am unaware of any other vinyl bootlegs available.

CD Bootlegs

The ubiquity of CD Recorders mean that there has been a landslide of CD bootlegs. For this reason, I have selected only CD bootlegs for this archive have some element of professional manufacture, such as printed booklets and silver pressed discs rather than CD-Rs. This archive will not be updated in the future

Pirate & Mp3 Discs

Pirate discs differ from bootlegs in that the material is copied directly from official releases. Many of these pirate discs originate in the old Soviet Union where the law is not applied rigorously.

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