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Roxyrama Cover Versions
Cover Versions by Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Roxy Music were rarely a covers band, only recording four in their entire career. Bryan Ferry however, has for many years enjoyed a parallel career as an interpretive artist. Influenced by the artist Marcel Duchamp, who took everyday objects and personalised them with his own distinctive signature, Ferry has often taken songs from disparate periods of the 20th century, and given them his own unique vocal and instrumental arrangements. Ferry calls these songs 'ready-mades', and they have made up entire albums in the case of 'These Foolish Things,' Another Time, Another Place,' and 'Taxi' as well as supplementing his own writing on other releases. The links below lead to an explanation of the origins of these songs.

I have listed these cover songs in approximate album order:

Roxy Music

These Foolish Things

Another Time, Another Place

Let's Stick Together

The Bride Stripped Bare
As Time Goes By
Miscellaneous cover versions

Sincere thanks to Han Snijders for his help in researching this archive.

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