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Phil Manzanera Discography

Official Releases


diamond head quiet sun - mainstream 801 live listen now k-scope
Diamond Head Mainstream 801 Live Listen Now K-Scope
primitive guitars The Explorers guitarissimo wetton manzanera the wasted lands
Primitive Guitars The Explorers Guitarissimo Wetton Manzanera The Wasted Lands
Crack The Whip Up In Smoke
mato grosso
southern cross
Manzanera & Mackay
Crack The Whip Up In Smoke Mato Grosso Southern Cross Manzanera & Mackay
live at the karl marx A Million Reasons Why Wetton and Manzanera - One World The Explorers - Live At The Camden Palace 801 Live at Manchester University
Live at the Karl Marx A Million Reasons Why One World Live at the Camden Palace Live at Manchester University
vozero expression sampler Rare One phil manzanera interview disc 801 Live at Hull
Vozero Expression Sampler Rare One Interview Disc 801 Live at Hull
manzanera collection 801 Latino The Complete Explorers 6PM 50 minutes later
The Manzanera Collection 801 Latino The Complete Explorers 6PM 50 Minutes Later
The Music 1972 - 2008      
The Music
1972 - 2008
Firebird VII      
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