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Phil Manzanera Discography

Official Releases


frontera - phil manzanera flight 19 - phil manzanera remote control - phil manzanera Giddy Up A Ding-Dong - the dumbells impossible guitar - phil manzanera
Frontera Flight 19 Remote Control Giddy Up (The Dumbells) Impossible Guitar
The Explorers - Calling Lorelei - the explorers venus di milo - the explorers two worlds apart - the explorers
falling for nightlife - the explorers
Calling(The Explorers) Lorelei (The Explorers) Venus Di Milo (The Explorers) Two Worlds Apart (The Explorers) Falling For Nightlife (The Explorers)
keep on loving yourself - phil manzanera and john wetton Nowomowa a million reasons why - phil manzanera guantanamera - phil manzanera The Beat Goes On -
Keep On Loving Yourself (Manzanera & Wetton) Nowomowa A Million Reasons Why Guantanamera The Beat Goes On
tambor - phil manzanera green spikey cactus - phil manzanera technicolour ufo - phil manzanera    
Tambor Green Spikey Cactus Technocolour UFO    
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