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mischa A - Australia   mischaarnhold(a+)
For me one of the best songwriters and artists of all of the genres. Totally adore you. Sydney gig
25/2/ 11 was absolutely sublime. Come back again. We Love you. xxxxx

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Barry Fountain - United Kingdom   barryfountain(a+)
I originally got into Roxy after they released Street Life as a single. I bought the LP released with Street lIfe on it (Stranded) liked that then bought the two preceding LPs. I loved those and then anxiosly awaited further LP releases. I had a long wait for each of the following albums but boy was the wait worth it! I still have my Roxy mirror in my bathroom (FYP). Love the music and wish they'd play a concert in Coventry.

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Julie-Anne - New Zealand   hermesmagpie(a+)
Only 3 nights to go before you are in Auckland ! Last saw you in 1975 at the Civic. That concert changed me, had such an impact on us all back then. Roxy Music stayed with me from that night on. I have tried to find a way to meet you here in Auckland. I saw that you signed CD's etc in Sydney a few days ago. Hope you do in Auckland as well. Would just like to say hi to you in person after knowing you all these years !! Do you read any of these notes ??? Hope so ! love 2 u. Julie-Anne

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Melinda Marki - United States of America   melindamarkicolorist(a+)
Just in college in 1983 and couldn't figure out who I was in love with-Bryan Ferry or Roxy Music....thank god they were together and I didn't have to split love. We had a great underground in Cncinnati,Ohio. Yes, Cincinnati. Then New York City where I hail from now. My husband turns 50 and Las Vegas blows next to seeing you and our friends in Manchester. Have money, will come. Dates please and thank you!

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John Tats Taylor - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Me and the wife was at the MEN Arena last nite you wer fabulous its 29 years since i saw u live the memories the music you wer unique and after last nite you still are well done and thanks

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Alistair - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Just saw Roxy live in Newcastle on Jan 25th, the first time I had seen them live since 1974 at the Odeon in Edinburgh.

A great performance which brought memories flooding back of my very early teens and the first four Roxy albums in particular.......the original vinyl releases of which I still have to this day.

Hard to believe this is the band's 40th anniversary tour as the early stuff has never dated.

A very formative part of my life and my continued love of music.

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Lesley Smith - United Kingdom   lesley.smith57(a+)
First Roxy concert EVER . The gig in Newcastle was SPECTACULAR

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tony fisher - United Kingdom   photony(a+) Homepage:
BIG FAN since 1972 school days : inspired my art ever since......

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Lauren - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Is anyone else going to meet Bryan Ferry in Glasgow's House of Fraser on Buchanan Street on Wednesday 26th Jan at 5pm?? I am... and I CANNOT wait!! I think you need to buy the book which looks amazing. I am so excited about getting my photograph taken with him... Going to be a brilliant day!!


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Gary Coleman - United Kingdom   garycoleman555(a+)
Love the music, everything and and anything from a classic smooth melody to a jazzed up piece with percussion, electric guitars and of course the backing singers. Hoping to receive some albums for Christmas.

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