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herci - Belgium   <hidden> Homepage:

I'm desperate for a scan of the sheet music of I put a spell on you...can anyone help me please? I love that groove...
If yes you can leave a message at my website

(it also has Ferry paintings on it)

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Jean Grey - United States of America   <hidden>
I hear through MTV that Bryan and some of Roxy are touring the UK, Canada and the US!! I hope this is true 'cause I heard one of the concerts will be Atlanta! Only 3 1/2 hours from Nashville!! I am so there July 26th in Atlanta! Check the site and hopefully some others still waiting to see Bryan and other fantastic musicians live!!
If this is true, thank you Bryan and Roxy Music!

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Paul Donald Rae - Norway   raezor(a+)
Not too sure, but I guess I have one of the most comprehensive collections of Roxy / Ferry articles from the early 70's. Bryan and Simon (Puxley) even borrowed them from me in the mid 70's. I had so much stuff they hadn't seen. Perhaps Roxyrama would like some details?
I will miss his tour in the UK this time, as it's sold out. I will be in the UK from the 28th March - 11th April, so if anyone has any tickets.....

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HELEN JEFFRIES - United Kingdom   ladyhelenjeffries(a+)
It was nice hearing Bryan on radio 2 last night, He even plugged The Bridgewater Hall ( Manchester ) the sound system was fantastic along with the crowd. BRING IT BACK THEN BRYAN....... MANCHESTER AWAITS.....

21-03-2007 13:00:56 OS:
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Rachael - United Kingdom   luv4soxy(a+)
Went to see Bryan at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham the other week and i would also like to say how fantastic he and the rest of the band was. I would go and see him every day if i could. Really hope he does a Roxy tour soon.

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Janet - United Kingdom
Went to see Bryan at Nottingham on Tuesday night (March 13th) and he was absolutely fantastic - as usual. Got my ticket and program signed by him too. Just wish I was going to see him again soon......

18-03-2007 16:53:42 OS:
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Lesley Blake - United Kingdom   blake.lesley13(a+)
Saw Bryan at the Royal Albert Hall On Wednesday night - 14 March - had front row seats and the concert was fantastic - I have been to several concerts now in London and Liverpool - but I think he suppased himself this time. THE BEST CONCERT EVER I dont know how he will better this one.

PS I have already booked tickets to see it again. Love you Bryan. Please keep singing.

16-03-2007 17:27:15 OS:
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Ian S - United Kingdom   ian.scullion(a+)
Went to the Manchester gig, 10th mar, fortunate to have a band member as a friend (and sax teacher - theres a clue to who he is) so got two great seats. They added Don't stop the dance to the set - fabulous. Started the set with "In Crowd" that really got the Roxy fans out of their seats and set the scene for the whole gig. I would definately go and see this concert again if I got the chance. I too have been a fan since Virgina Plain and have seen Ferry/Roxy many times and will continue.

15-03-2007 09:34:11 OS:
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Ann - United Kingdom   Annwalsh11(a+)
love Dylanesque ,love Bryan!! saw him in Carlisle and Gateshead and met him after both shows even got a kiss on the cheek!! have tickets for Harrogate and Newcastle-cant wait.
looking forward to Roxy reunion too

14-03-2007 00:09:57 OS:
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Sue W - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Hi there ! I too have followed Bryan and Roxy since 1972 and also was a member of the fan club .Peter Leay ( he actually looked a little like Bryan !! ) ran it from Sunbury Road, Wallasey, I think. I have seen Bryan and Roxy MANY times live ( Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, London and Oxford ). Been extremely fortunate to meet Bryan twice and Paul twice . Looking forward very much to seeing Bryan in Oxford on the 10th April.

06-03-2007 23:53:32 OS:
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