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rachael - United Kingdom   luv4soxy(a+)
come on Bry when are you coming back to Birmingham? better still come and do a gig in my back garden free food and drinks provided

15-07-2006 21:55:58 OS:
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Internet Explorer 12

eva mavropoulou - Greece   <hidden>
hello!!! i am a big fanatic of Roxy music and last wednesday i watched them in a beyond imagination performance in Athens. Great satisfaction to us all gave the young lad playing with the band with the electric guitar( i cannot recall his name) who was a very promising artist!! I was glad to see the Roxies giving an opportunity to new talents!!
A BIG thanks to these people who keep on making my life more colorful with their everlasting melodies!!!! THEY STICK TOGETHER!!

15-07-2006 19:42:41 OS:
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Kate Lumsden - United Kingdom   katelumsden(a+)
Im from Aberdeen,saw Roxy twice in Glasgow in 2001 but actually spoke to Bryan at back of Caird Hall in Dundee acouple of years ago when he had to cancel cos of a sore throat.I saw him again in Aberdeen when he had recovered. Ihave been a fan for forever and my hubby had to prove he had all their albums before I ever agreed to marry him.Also was at crathes Castle for an outdoor concert that was fab.Please come back to Scotland soon

20-05-2006 00:33:41 OS:
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sjpb - Germany   <hidden>
Just wanted to say a big thanks to Chris for his help in obtaining DVD's of the band appearing in TOGWT. Once they arrive I'm off to the attic to open the "Roxy Box," dust off the gold platforms, get out the black/silver shirt, shake out the tiger look bolero jacket and go back to Another Time Another Place..........Thanks again

06-05-2006 11:42:15 OS:
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Internet Explorer 9

Helen Jeffries - United Kingdom   ladyhelenjeffries(a+)
hurry up Bry and come to manchester

03-05-2006 23:26:27 OS:
Windows XP Browser:
Internet Explorer 8

caroline - United Kingdom   carolineandglyn(a+)
First saw Roxy Music in 1979 and still a huge fan. I used to be a member of both RM/BF fan clubs so it was a step down memory lane when I found the site with old newsletters on etc - wish I kept all my stuff, posters etc but didn't. Going to see Roxy Magic at the Fleece on Sunday - not quite the real thing but have heard good things about them.

02-05-2006 19:36:31 OS:
Windows XP Browser:
Internet Explorer 7

Bob Hughes - United Kingdom   <hidden>
A time machine, I'd forgotten how good Roxy were(are). Got to dig out the vinyl collection and dust off the turntable... Or go and spend some pennies to get CD replacements!

14-04-2006 00:27:41 OS:
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Internet Explorer 6

K.Louise - United States of America   <hidden>
I believe you are either a R.M/B.F fan or you are not! It's something you FEEL!
I personally am addicted to them...there is not a single day that goes by where I do NOT listen to them! The greatest! gives me so much...

I am so thankful to the wonderful man who introduced me to Roxy! He reminds of B.Ferry in many ways!Very classy!

Viva Roxy!!
Hope to see Roxy this summer!

04-04-2006 14:24:40 OS:
Windows 95/98 Browser:
Internet Explorer 5

Steven Burman - Germany   <hidden>
Somebody said to me yesterday "How can you listen to the same band playing the same songs for 34 years and not get bored with it?"
My reply:
I tried but I could not find a way.....

Aaaah, The thrill of it all !

03-04-2006 17:29:47 OS:
Windows 95/98 Browser:
Internet Explorer 4

Tom Collins - United Kingdom   Viceno1(a+)
I'd like to think i have the title of the youngest Roxy fan and by fan i mean owns every album, knows the words to every song and of corse has hair like Byran Ferry. I'm 14, my dad got me into Roxy and this site is the closest thing we get to official so i love it, cudos

30-03-2006 23:10:33 OS:
Windows XP Browser:
Internet Explorer 3
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