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Andries A. Pen - Netherlands   driespen(a+)
Hello great site you have ! I've got the two missing scans of Bryan Ferry promo-singles.
I want to email them to you but I don't use Microsoft Outlook. Could you please mail me a proper email adress so I can send them.
Kind regards, Andries

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Gary Crofts - New Zealand   garycrofts9(a+)
I have some personal favorites of Roxy Music songs and I think they are classics.Songs like Virginia Plain,Do the Strand,Love is the Drug,Dance Away,Oh Yeah!,the John Lennon tribute song Jealous Guy,More Than This and Avalon.And when I listen to these songs today they sound good today,also were good when they first came out also.

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Louise - Australia   <hidden>
I'm still playing Roxy albums - absolute classics. Re-reading Jonathon Rigby's very literary 'Roxy Music' - wonderful!

Bryan's lyrics are sublime, bitter-sweet and timeless - he is one of the best songwriters of the 20th century surely ....

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Bryan Hughes - United States of America   bhughes59(a+)
You know that you are being tortured when, in 1978 , at the age of 18, you are a HUGE  Roxy Music  fan , only to become deaf in a motorcycle accident after someone runs into you .  In 2001, after 23 years of  complete deafness, I got a Coclear Implant at the U.C.S.F., and my biggest joy is to hear the Roxy  catalog .The first lp - make that cd - that I listen too was the first Roxy album. What did I do? Cry, cry, cry!"Listen to the music resounding, cutting the air like it was glass."

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jude gosselin - United Kingdom   <hidden>
hello,i worked at biba in the 70s,and was into glam rock,and i adore roxy music,the style and music so mesmerising,i took julian my partner of 30 yrs to see bryan at the tower of london, julians last concert as he died of cancer last march, it rained but that did not matter,he saw my fave rock star,and i saw his,santana,in the late 70s,so special,big fan,

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Tony Karras - Australia   <hidden>
Bought a new turntable with USB connection. Pulled out my old Roxy and Bryan LP's. I felt like i was 18 again - Viva la Roxy - you rock!

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Fred - Netherlands   <hidden>
Hi fans,
When I was 13 years old (when you were young.......) , in 1971, I bought Roxy's first album and all of them coming later. In my opinion no musician/band could compete with Roxy. Now I'm 50. And the old Roxy still is my favourit. The albums with the old crew (with Eno) still gives me a thrill.....

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Lynn Fitzharris - United Kingdom   lynnfitzharris(a+)
Amazing informative site which I used for research purpose today to look up the lyrics for Prairie Rose.

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Gary Crofts - New Zealand   garycrofts9(a+)
Hi I am a big fan of the music of Roxy Music, I like the music a lot.Bryan Ferry is such great singer and where would that band have been without him.Such an awesome band, they are classic!,One of the best 70's and 80's bands.ever!

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Scott Eric Rebrook - United States of America   rebluez(a+)
Charleston , West Virginia , U.S.A.
December 10 , 1972
F l a s h
R o x y M u s i c

yea, best $4.00 I ever spent... thats when I became a Roxy Music person

...caught the Manifesto tour 1979 in Pittsburh, PA . . . what can I say

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