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Ramon - Spain   atotdrap(a+)
Hi I'm from Catalonia and i like you're music since last seventies...
Ahir vaig veure l'Sputnik i vaig recordar molt aquells temps de finals dels 70 i principis dels 80 amb la vostra música.
Nois... sou GRANS ! ! ! !


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bertie - United Kingdom   robertgarnett777(a+)
Just caught the master's rendition of She, when can I get it in my collection, and I must listen to Stranded now in full

bye for now and many thanks to the girl who posted it

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ian - United Kingdom   i.noon(a+)
roxy music one will replace the sound of ferry's voice ...unique ...just like the band ....been a fan since '75/'76 caught them live at the liverpool empire ( manifesto tour) . the music and sound has not aged one iota ....still spin the old vinyl....ahhh memories.

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Barry Fountain - United Kingdom   barryfountain(a+)
I wasn't into Roxy at first but then they released Streetlife which I liked and so bought the third album which followed shortly after. I liked this too and then listened to the previous albums which I liked even better. Since then I've bought the albums as they've been released and have become a Roxy 'nut'. I even have a bathroom mirror with the 'For Your Pleasure' design on.

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Alan - United Kingdom   alaninabus(a+)
Been a fan of Roxy since Virginia Plain.Dare I
say Bryan,Phil,Andy,Eno and The Great Paul Thompson have been more influential to the music industry than the Beatles,The music sounds timeless,Wish I could have been a bass player.

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mark c graham - United States of America   <hidden> Homepage:
legends in our own time....

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Rick Schwartz - United States of America   ras0801(a+)
I have been a Roxy fan since 1972. Before Roxy I attended Iggy, Alice Cooper and Faces concerts Detroit area. I quickly discovered Bowie, VU, Bolan,etc. Shortly after I was in a band through the 70's (in Milwaukee). We only did covers for a short time so I never had the opportunity to perform a Ferry song. Their music has always been an inspiration and "mood setter". The music they created is timeless, something I can listen to anytime to put a smile on my face.


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dee - United Kingdom   safety7271(a+) Homepage:
Go Roxy ! Always amazing !

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rick perolio - United States of America   rperolio(a+) Homepage:
Happy Birthday Bryan.

We all hope to see you very soon here in the USA.

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martin - United Kingdom   martinhayes.westgrove(a+)
hi all, i have been a roxy ferry fanatic since 72, think i have just about every reord,video and dvd ever made by them,ferry and the boys are just brill, every track is a gem in its own right,and just listen to the rarely played,sunset from stranded,wow. long live roxy and ferry.

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