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GothicBowie - Belgium   gothicroxybear1(a+) Homepage:
Roxy Music was my first 'true love'. In those days i was kinda into Punk/new wave. I started listen too Roxy's album "greatest hits" after there split, then ''Manifesto" and "flesh and blood" I adore the 80's but still think there first 4 abums where masterpieces . I still hope they doing something new, there are rumours about it, with Brian Eno? let us hope soo
Roxy Music for Ever
my : icBowie

31-08-2008 09:49:11 OS:
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sophia love - United Kingdom   sophiadaniels(a+)
i am in awe of the roxy, esp. ferry who is amazing- ssaw him at the royal albert, in feb, and he rox. listen to the manifesto every day...cuckoo xxxxxxxxxxx

28-08-2008 21:14:48 OS:
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Wysie. - United Kingdom   WYSIE(a+)HOTMAIL.COM
Been into Roxy Music since the early 70s. First concert was the old Apollo in Glasgow. Fantastic.
Eddie Jobson on a glass electric violin just blew me away. " OUT OF THE BLUE "
Last concert was at SECC in glasgow around 2001 . Tears in my eyes seeing them again.
Lets hope its not my last time.

Your web site is brill. Keep up the good work.

25-08-2008 16:41:04 OS:
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antoine T. - France   <hidden>
I'm 17 and I really love Roxy Music, critically with Brian Eno in the early seventies. They were so cool and their music is so great : roxy forever ! your website it really good. for our pleasure ...

09-08-2008 21:25:03 OS:
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Angela Cox - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Since my mother's death in March I seem to have been sent on a journey back through my childhood and youth. The first Roxy Music concert I went to was in 1972 I was pretty sure. I live in Reading so finding the listing for October was wonderful I remember the concert but could not remember the time if year. thanks.

22-07-2008 12:19:58 OS:
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Alessandro Martines - United States of America   alesander1(a+) Homepage:
Saw Bryan at the State Theatre, Sydney wish they would come back again!!!!!! Just one more time ! Please !!!

11-07-2008 17:00:15 OS:
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janette schmid - United States of America   <hidden>
ageless...timeless...i remember begging my mom for the roxy music album for my 13th birthday...i was still in the u.k. then...i really don't have the words to tell you how much you mean to have enriched my life...& have helped me through some rough times.God bless you & yours...i have just found these sites.. the best presents ever...thank-you!!!

03-07-2008 07:16:09 OS:
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Alan Ramsay - United Kingdom   nalayasmar(a+)
This was the cry before the band hit the stage
at the Glasgow apollo late 70'S. " THERE'S
A NEW SENSATION " The whole place
explodes. These memories will last with me
forever ! CLASS-STYLE- MYSTERY. Thank you.

27-06-2008 20:28:49 OS:
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θανάσης - Greece   bouklast(a+)
hello ,from thessaloniki the capital from real macedonia in Grecce . I Love Roxy Music , im 42 tear old ,and every time i heard the voice to Brian Ferry , i feel so yong and ready to love again .

16-06-2008 22:29:29 OS:
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L Summerbell - United Kingdom   <hidden>
Don't ever stop making music either solo or with Roxy. The beauty of Windswept leaves me speechless. You are a creative genius. I have followed Roxy from an early age and would love to see you in concert - any dates for the UK later in 2008?

14-06-2008 22:32:52 OS:
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